Episode 044: Saturday 7th July 2018

While Ali’s Out Of The Country, Cryptos Go Crazy! Coming up in today’s show: John McAfee’s Bitfi Crypto Wallet Sells Out in 22 Minutes! Over 1000 Crypto Projects Are Considered ‘Dead’ Now (Paul must have invested in them!) With 6 Million Bitcoin is Lost or Stolen, Should the Real Value of BTC Higher? Listen to…

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Episode 043: Saturday 30th June 2018

We Reveal What Scully & Mulder Would Be Up To In The World Of Crypto! Coming up in today’s show: Facebook reverses its controversial decision to ban crypto ads – does Zuck know something that we don’t? It’s OFFICIAL! Cash just gives us a load of grief … Coinabse is bracing itself for a huge…

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Episode 042: Saturday 23rd June 2018

Not EveryBody Hates It When Bitcoin Is Down In The Dumps! Coming up in today’s show: There’s been a massive crypto hack and Bitcoin has gone running away in fear We hear from the man who just LOVES Bitcoin price lows And John McAfee’s gone to ground on his crypto pumps because he’s scared of…

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James Wood, Crypto Expert

Episode 041: Interview With James Wood

Interview With James Wood James is a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) with over 20 years experience in the I.T. industry. He has acted as lead technical architect on international infrastructure projects, working with the likes of Cisco, Dell, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to design and implement secure computer networks and services. We…

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Episode 040: Saturday 16th June 2018

How Low Can It Go? Coming up in today’s show: Buffett’s got it WRONG about crypto but Tim Draper insists that we’re all going to the moon! You thought Brexit was bad – we reveal why there could be a crypto meme crisis in Europe Even in its darkest hours, crypto is STILL more popular…

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Episode 039: Saturday 9th June 2018

Are Those Crypto Crickets We Hear? It’s All Gone Strangely Quiet! Coming up in today’s show: Apple co-found Steve Wozniak votes Bitcoin as the currency of the internet A doomsday Brexit scenario suggests that it might be time to start stuffing cryptos under your mattress When it comes to Google search is completely crickets for…

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Episode 038: Saturday 2nd June 2018

Is It Finally Time To Check Into A Crypto Clinic? Coming up in today’s show: How the UK almost suffered the kind of financial crisis which would would make crypto currencies look like the best best in the universe! There’s some crypto celebrity news featuring Ashton Kutcher, Ellen Degeneres and Stormy Daniels … but not…

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Episode 037: Saturday 26th May 2018

McAfee’s At It Again & Tom Lee’s At It Again – But Still Bitcoin Struggles To Ignite! Coming up in today’s show: A 13 year old boy is kidnapped and held for a Bitcoin ransom John McAfee and Tom Lee STILL maintain that Bitcoin is going to the moon in spite of all the evidence…

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Episode 036: Saturday 19th May 2018

Hang On! It’s Consensus Week And We’re Still Not Rich Yet! Coming up in today’s show: It’s the biggest week in crypto with Consensus taking place in New York … so why are Ali and I still here and not racing towards the moon in our Lambos? It’s Bing’s turn to ban crypto ads ……

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Episode 035: Interview With Siam Kidd

Interview With Siam Kidd, UK Crypto Investor & Trading Ninja Coming up in today’s show: Siam’s top crypto tips and the tokens which he thinks will stay the course Why you have to take the emotion out of crypto investment and how to avoid the trading wannabes How Siam reckons John McAfee will be eating…

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