The Crypto News Podcast

Episode 001: Everything You Need To Know About The Crypto News Podcast!

Welcome to the Crypto News Podcast Bootcamp Episode number 1!

Coming up in today’s show:

  • Who the hell are we and why are we talking about crypto currencies?
  • You’ve found this podcast, what are you going to get now you’re here?
  • Why this isn’t another one of those geeky Bitcoin shows where you won’t have a clue what they’re talking about!


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All about Alison Ingleby

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All about Paul Teague

Paul Teague

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How will the show work?

  • Weekly look at the biggest crypto news stories of the week
  • We’ll answer your questions … where we can (remember, we're crypto idiots!)
  • We’ll talk to real life people who are investing in cryptyo to get their tips and hear their stories
  • We’ll occasionally interview experts
  • Paul is in a crypto mastermind group,he'll share what he learns in there
  • We have a Patreon group where we’ll share ‘how to videos’ and extra interview content
  • We’ll try as hard as possible to avoid getting too geeky – if we do, call us out on it and we’ll try and simplify 🙂

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