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Episode 004: Essential Sources of Crypto Info

Welcome to the Crypto News Podcast Bootcamp Episode number 4!

Coming up in today’s show:

  • The websites you need to be checking out now you’re crypto-curious
  • The places where you can go to buy and sell your coins
  • Recommended buddy podcasts … because we like to share the love!


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Paul’s Crypto essentials:

1) I use Speed Dial 2 with the Chrome browser so that I can create a one-stop panel with all of my Crypto links – get it here:

Speed dial

2) I buy my cryptos from:

3) I like and for tracking my cryptos … also for at-a-glance market info

4) My favourite podcasts are The Bad Crypto Podcast and Unchained … also I recommend that you keep an eye on Rob Moore/The Disruptive Entrepreneur for his Blockchain podcasts.

5) A great site for lots of brilliant info is:

6) People to check out for crypto news:

Rob Moore – excellent podcast episodes at:

#215 Rob Interviews Dr Garrick Hileman Cryptocurrency Expert:

#209 Caffeine Cast: Is Bitcoin A Scam?

The BAD Crypto Podcast:

Unchained podcast with Laura Shin:

Jerry Banfield:

7) Other sources of crypto information:

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