The Crypto News Podcast

Episode 007: Crypto Coins & Wallets

Welcome to the Crypto News Podcast Bootcamp Episode number 7!

Coming up in today’s show:

  • Why Bitcoin is just the beginning of a crypto currency boom time
  • Get ready to own a shed-load of wallets!
  • Get close-up and intimate with some of the most popular coins


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1) Coinbase lists Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash … it’s the most straightforward exchange to buy from

2) These are the main coins … but there are hundreds of others AND there are MANY more to come!

3) There are 4 x ways to store your coins:

> On the exchange where you bought them (not recommended, in case the exchange gets hacked) … so ONLINE

> In a desktop wallet – one which you download onto your PC or phone

> In a paper wallet – seriously! I sent my niece her Christmas cash as a Bitcoin paper wallet.

> Bitcoin hardware device … I use the Nano Ledger S:

Nano S Ledger

The Trezor is also popular:


They plug in to your PC like a USB drive … they don’t hold all coins, just specific types

4) If you stay with basic cryptos, you can make do with a hardware device, if you get enthusiastic, you’re going to have to get used to downloading and tracking A LOT of different wallets.

It becomes crazy after a while, and you’ll probably end up getting lazy and leaving coins on exchanges.,

This is something that the world of crypto will have to address (my opinion) if we’re going get to achive a big take up.

I like wallets like Exodus which allow storage of multiple coins:

Exodus is also widely used and popular!

Another wallet which is really simple and which stores multiple coins, is Jaxx:

Jaxx wallet

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