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Episode 011: Top Crypto Mistakes

Welcome to the Crypto News Podcast Bootcamp Episode number 11!

Coming up in today’s show:

  • How to avoid your own personal ‘Crypto Bad Hair day
  • Paul’s top 10 tips based on an extensive career of 5 months in cryptos 🙂
  • Some of the best advice available after a cursory in Google … after all what Google don’t know ain’t worth knowing 🙂


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4) Eight Simple Rules for Protecting Your Cryptocurrency:

[This article has the funny picture with the orange juice in the CD holder :-)]

Paul’s Top 10 Tips [This is NOT financial advice!]

  • Watch your wallets – use something like Exodus or a Ledger Nano S to store multiple coins
  • Watch the fees – they erode your cash
  • Security, security, security!
  • Find a trusted source of advice and info – we are not it! I use Siam Kidd through a mastermind group for my info: Invest in your education
  • If you invest, only do so with a sum that you can completely forget about. Forget it the minute you put it in or you’ll lose a lot of sleep
  • Never panic – stay cool … don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Crypto is volatile – get over it 🙂
  • If you don’t like tech, don’t touch crypto … you won’t get on with it. Wait for it to get simple.
  • Consider sticking a tiny amount in for your kids – who knows, they might be able to do something amazing with it some day? If not, they might be able to afford a Snickers bar on you 🙂
  • Know that Blockchain is here to stay and understand that we haven’t even started yet. Think of all the people you know who are still USELESS at computers. It’s taken them 25 years to get that far behind … it might seem like everybody’s into Cryptos but we haven’t even started yet 🙂

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