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Episode 025: Interview With Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby is probably best known as co-host of Money Pit which you can watch on uktvplay … I got really absorbed in it yesterday when I was giving it a try.

Dominic is a MoneyWeek contributor and writes for The Guardian.

Dominic wrote the book Bitcoin: The Future of Money' which is why we were keen to interview him for the podcast.

When we spoke for the Crypto News Podcast, we chatted about the following topics:

  • Dominic's Bitcoin horror story which resulted in him losing some of his stash
  • If government regulation will be the Grim Reaper for Bitcoin
  • Why he became such an early adopter with Bitcoin and his big predictions for its future


Listen to the interview …

Bitcoin: The Future of Money?

Bitcoin: The Future of Money? audiobook

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