Episode 061: Saturday 20th October 2018

Even Hodor Is HODLing In This Game Of Coins

Sukhi Jutla

This episode features guest presenter Sukhi Jutla, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

Coming up in today's show:

  • It’s Bakkt to the future – why the crypto market is asleep at the wheel according to one crypto giant
  • How much Bitcoin should you buy? We’ve found someone who’ll tell us!
  • Brace yourselves! Police warn of a crypto ransom scam – don’t get caught out!


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Links From This Week's Show …

1 > Coinbase news from CoinTelegraph … Coinbase gets tready for Brexit and launches its first ERC-20 token



2 > From Cryptomorrow.com & theblockcrypto.com: Why you need to know about Bakkt

Bakkt: http://www.cryptomorrow.com/2018/08/20/what-is-bakkt/


3 > From BitCoinMagazine.com … Police Warns Users of New Deadly Ransomware Scam & Urge Not to Pay the Bitcoin Ransom


4 > From quartz.com … How much Bitcoin should you own?


5 > From CryptoNewMedia.com … Canadian Blockchain Company Sees Opportunity in Newly Legalized Cannabis


6 > from ccn.com … Next Bitcoin Bull Run Will See Crypto Market Rise ‘10x’


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