Episode 066: Saturday 24th November 2018

The Crypto-Apocalypse Just Happened – It’s Time To Lick Our Wounds

Coming up in today’s show:

  • With this week being a crypto bloodbath, we examine The Five Stages Of Bitcoin HODLer Grief
  • Bakkt is off until January, dashing even more hopes of us being rich before Christmas
  • BUT Tom Lee says it’ll all good, Bitcoin will be $15k by the end of the year!


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Links From This Week's Show …

1 > The Five Stages Of Bitcoin HODLer Grief


2 > US ‘Investigating’ If Tether, Bitfinex ‘Illegally Moved’ Bitcoin Price To $20k


3 > Crypto Bear Market Gives UK Regulators Breathing Space to Finalize Crypto Regulation


4 > Bakkt Delays Launch



5 > Tom Lee Stands by $15,000 Year-End Bitcoin Price Target


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