PodcastAs far as we're concerned, these are our ‘must-listen' crypto podcasts.

We're discovering new shows all the time, so we'll always add our latest discoveries here.

We've selected these shows based on the following criteria:

  1. Are they accessible to newbies?
  2. Are their presenters responsive to an over-use of cryptojargon?
  3. Are the episodes easy to listen to?
  4. Do we love their hosts?
  5. Can we learn useful things from these shows?
  6. Do they have a regular release schedule?

Note: The podcasts listed below are not in any particular order.

Unchained PodcastUnchained Podcast

Podcast title: Unchained

Presenter: Laura Shin

Web link: https://www.forbes.com/podcasts/unchained/

Our comments: Laura brings a journalistic approach to crypto and lands some great, informative guests. We particularly like the way she calls out guests when they use jargon or terms which a newbie listener wouldn't understand. This is a great show for getting authoritative information.

Sample episode:

Coin TalkCoin Talk Podcast

Podcast title: Coin Talk

Presenters: Aaron Lammer and Jay Caspian Kang

Web link: https://medium.com/s/cointalk

Our comments: This podcast is also a ‘geek-free' zone. Aaron and Jay are new investors, they don't claim to know it all, but their guests are knowledgeable and informative. There are a lot of laughs in this show, which makes it very easy on the ear.

Sample episode:

Bad Crypto PodcastThe Bad Crypto Podcast

Podcast title: The Bad Crypto Podcast

Presenters: Internet pioneer Joel Comm and Marketing Technologist Travis Wright

Web link: http://badcryptopodcast.com/

Our comments: Although this podcast is played for laughs, that does not distract for one minute from the great information and fabulous guests. This podcast is aimed at newbies. We like the sponsored ICO episodes less than the regular episodes, but the guests are generally great and you should definitely check out the shows featuring Ronnie Moas who is excellent.

Sample episode:

Ani AlexanderCrypto Talks Podcast

Podcast title: Crypto Talks

Presenters: Ani Alexander

Web link: https://anialexander.com/

Our comments: It's great to see a fellow UK podcast host doing something very distinctive in the cryptosphere. Ani's USP is to feature the early adopters of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. She uncovers the stories of the humans behind the crypto and introduces you to new and exciting blockchain projects.

Recommended Episodes

The Disruptive Entrepreneur

Info: Presented by Rob Moore, this podcast is about business and money in general. However, these episodes are excellent if you're seeking crypto information.

Find out more: https://robmoore.com/podcast/

#209: Is Bitcoin A Scam?

#215: Dr Garrick Hileman, Crypto Currency Expert

Jerry Banfield

Info: Jerry's podcast covers a range of topics, but crypto crops up regularly. He's a big fan of Steemit, so there's a strong Steemit bias, but that aside, you'll pick up some really interesting information there.

Find out more: https://jerrybanfield.com/podcast/

Episode: What is an Initial Coin Offering or ICO?


Info: Presented by Laura Shin, this podcast features interviews with industry pioneers and talks about how crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money.

Find out more: http://unchainedpodcast.co/

Episode: Xapo's Wences Casares on How Bitcoin Makes a Fairer World