Episode 002: Crypto Made Simple

Welcome to the Crypto News Podcast Bootcamp Episode number 2! Coming up in today’s show: How to explain Bitcoin to your grand parents Interesting things you didn’t know about Bitcoin PLUS we attempt a simple, one-sentence explanation of Bitcoin! Watch on YouTube Listen on Libsyn 1) Here’s the infographic that we were talking about in…

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Episode 001: Everything You Need To Know About The Crypto News Podcast!

Welcome to the Crypto News Podcast Bootcamp Episode number 1! Coming up in today’s show: Who the hell are we and why are we talking about crypto currencies? You’ve found this podcast, what are you going to get now you’re here? Why this isn’t another one of those geeky Bitcoin shows where you won’t have…

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Episode 000: Welcome To The Crypto News Podcast!

This UK-based podcast launched in January 2018. Every week we’ll share the latest news from the Crypto Currency world. We’ll have occasional expert interviews. We’ll also share great tips, tools and websites. We have Fantasy Crypto Portfolios set up too, and we’ll see which coins do well and which do badly. The iTunes feed is:…

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